Greek Natural Products


PHYSIS company was established in 2015 after many years of research, by a team of Scientists – Investors, specializing in Geotechnical Geology, Forestry – Environmentalism, Economics.

The Company is based on three axes:

  • Scientific knowledge and long experience
  • The amazing biodiversity and quality of Greek herbs
  • The great potential of Greek countryside people who know the secrets of wild herbs in practice

PHYSIS Company aims to create conditions and mechanisms for searching, selecting and finally packaging and promoting natural wild herbs from Greek nature of exclusively high quality. Company offices are in Trikala Greece and the base of herb collection and standardization is on Pindos Mountains on altitude of 700 m.



Greece has a special climate that favors flora biodiversity. About 7,500 plant species have been recorded. 850 of these are found only in Greece. Over 1,250 plant species are classified as herbs, making Greece European flora pioneer and one of the best botanical places of the world. In this small Mediterranean country, which connects three continents, herb quality and essential oils content are worldwide famous.

Greek people, who live close to nature, know the herb secrets. They know where and when to find wild herbs and botans in nature. They possess ancient knowledge that comes from 3500 years ago, when Greek God Asclepius made the first medicines from Pindos mountain herbs. Hippocrates (460-370 BC) founded medicine science on these herbs and this ancient knowledge. On mythical Greek mountains like Olympus, Kerketion , Pelion etc. , there are few residents of villages left behind, who know these secrets and where to find these excellent wild herbs.

PHYSIS invests on this nature treasure and knowledge.

We invest in aromatic wild herbs of Greek nature and the ancient knowledge of Greek countryside people. PHYSIS organized a selected partner network, consisting of villagers who live in small mountain villages, engaged in collecting wild herbs and aromatic plants. Herbs selection areas are very specific and depend on selected plant species- which is very important!

Villagers who collect wild herbs, when referring to them, they use, not only the name of species, but also the specific collection area of each. So for example say “oregano from Black Bird Mountain” or “tea from Marossa Mountain etc. This is because they know very well that each place does not produce same quality plants. So in this way, they identify the precise selection point, in order to accentuate their excellent quality and separate them from the rest of inferior quality herbs. Collection is derides exclusively from native wild plants, under special permission by the competent authorities, in such manner and in such quantities that ensure physical stocks and sustainability.

These very strict procedures and standards applied, require from us to collect very small quantities of each kind and only the best quality can be found on Greek mountains. These, coupled with our scientific partners and access to modern technology standards and packing, guarantee the extremely high quality of our products.

Choosing PHYSIS herbs, you don’t simply choose the best quality you can buy.

You become one of the mystics, partners and ultimate receivers of an ancient tradition and a unique process which very few have the opportunity to experience and enjoy. At the same time you help to keep the few small Greek mountain villages alive and the traditional way of life style.

Refer to each of our products to have information and details that make PHYSIS products unique!